26 Aug

I have been contacted by quite a few people asking if I can help them with their #ketotransformation and making the #lifestylechanges necessary to stick with the #ketogenicdiet to see #change. I am now down over 85 lbs! & still going!

I have decided to follow in numerous of my followers footsteps and offer to put together personalized plans for individuals!

For a 1x cost you will get:
1) Personalized calculated Macros. This will serve as your "roadmap"
2) 4 weeks of daily meal plans catered to the individuals food preferences (including eating out!)
3) recipes of all food within the meal plan as well as recommendations of how and when to prepare
4) Discount codes to outside sources recommended + provided
5) Continued support throughout the 4 week plan as well as #accountability weigh in/ check ins (level of check in is agreed upon at beginning of 4 week plan by individual/personal preference)

6) Tips on grocery shopping with full grocery list including items not typically in traditional grocery stores with a direct link where to buy

(*Note: Because this is a specialized meal plan catered to each individual - it can take up to 1 week time to put together the full plan. There will be open communication with individual about this time frame. Failure to supply contact information and requested information to specialize plan within 1 week of purchase will result in a forfeit of payment from individual.)

Sample Meal Days

- The Ketosis Mom

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