Founder of Ketosis Mom (2018). Jennifer is currently the creative developer for all blog, social media, and website features. Jennifer is an Amazon Creator and Influencer, including Amazon Live features. She is also a LTK Creator for all shopping products. Jennifer is also the affiliate and partnership outreach representative. Please contact her for a current media kit.


Partner, Head of Product Testing

Joe is a Partner in KetosisMom Inc. and his current role is product testing and reviews. Joe is NOT a ketogenic dieter and provides feedback on use, taste, and overall satisfaction per item based on a non biased dieting viewpoint. Joe also builds, puts together, and tests all products that arrive. Joe tests products, recipes, individual for sale items, etc. for feedback on future partnership opportunities.

Jennifer Dwyer

Taste Tester, Head of Kid Approvals

Ailee is Head of Taste Testing and currently holds the "kid approved" stamp for all recipes and products. Partnerships are not approved until they pass by Ailee's desk for approval, specifically products and services for children ages 0-8 years.

Jennifer Dwyer

F.U.N. Coordinator

Poppy is our F.U.N. Coordinator. She currently is assisting with Taste testing with her main priorities ensuring that the team is aware of F.U.N., Family Understanding Networking importance while also enjoying life. Poppy is responsible for helping to select kid aimed brand partnerships and affiliations for network marketing.