29 Aug

Let's Talk Recipes!

All of the cookbooks below (Click under Picture for direct link) - are great to have. I personally am not a fan of the digital options and like to physically hold a book. Why? Maybe I am old school... I know that I often like making my own personal notes on recipes as to how they came out and what I may add more of or change out the next time!

Any and all of the below would be good for first timers 

(who aren't Pinterest savvy for free recipes or like to make notes like I do!)

I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted a "keto recipe" that I saw online posted by someone else -  I was always SO excited to try it - only to fail miserably (and waste food). 

 Keto DOES NOT have to be hard! All these people you see posting what looks like professional photos and posting recipes that look like they would take HOURS - ignore them! You do You!  Make is simple!  That is what I will attempt to do for ya'll here. Easy & simple recipes that take little to no skill or time! 

You can also utilize the "SEARCH" bar on this website to look for a specific recipe/ingredient, i.e. "Chocolate". Both the Blog & Food Gallery will contain Recipes. If you do not see something you're craving, "Contact Me" and let me know what you're craving and I will post a Keto Friendly version once I work out the recipe!

Simply Keto

Keto Made Easy

Easy 5 Ingredient Cookbook

Keto Comfort Foods

Craveable keto

True Roots

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