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29 Oct

Why This should be on Your Want List this Christmas! Wish list it for Yourself! Watch the prices this Holiday season...

The Good Ice

At Home Counter top Ice maker!

First of all, let me say I do not add things to my Amazon Affiliate store unless it is a product that I use, and I use REGULARLY! This Ice maker, even my own mother went and bought after she had the ice at my house. 

Yes, it is pricey. I will admit this. For people who have an ice maker at home already (even though its not the good ice like this!) will say this is an optional thing or a "nice to have" item. I am telling you for me, on a Keto lifestyle, this is a necessity for my everyday life. 

I not only put this ice in every water I make all day long, and then whatever ice is left when I finish also eat the ice (for additional water intake), but I also mid afternoon just snack on ice. This ice is NOT hard. It is a very soft ice and is better for your teeth. 

* I am not a medical professional, nor do I claim to be one. These are my opinions and things that I personally do. 

Regardless of your lifestyle, forget "Becki with the good hair", be "Becky with the good ice!" You will be the hostess with the mostest this holiday season serving up this amazing ice. I cannot sing it's praises enough!

* Find this in my Amazon Store or directly to purchase (or wishlist for yourself) Here.

It even has an app that you can schedule the ice making to occur - or turn it off during the night!?

There is also a side reservoir where you can keep water going in as needed. Now, I did not buy the water filter because I already use filtered water that I put in. But you may need the filter. 

Taken from Amazon listing directly

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