27 Aug

Go Naked 2018
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SKIN! We all have it... no one's is PERFECT. But, I can help you discover the best version of your skin!

Let me start by saying, My husband has sensitive skin. My daughter has sensitive skin. And I had Postpartum acne that was the worst acne I have ever had in my life. 

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How many times has your child had a diaper rash? You tried every product you could but it was still there or coming back with a vengance? 

How about baby acne?

How about adult skin that gets dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive, age spots, wrinkles, loss of firmness?! Chances are there is something about your skin that You hate seeing when you look in a mirror. So, what is your skin problem? (Free Solutions Tool )

My husband has eczema and will break out in a heat rash anytime he even gets hot. He was using, as most men do, whatever he found on amazon or at the grocery store to wash his face (not treat it!). 

In October of 2017, I joined Rodan +Fields as a business owner. I thought, at first that I was only joining to get products cheaper for myself and my husband. I knew that I had cystic, hormonal, postpartum acne and that he could benefit from from their Soothe line for sensitive skin. If you would have told me then what the business would become for me, I would have laughed and said "yea, right, and the next day I'll be queen on england!" 

In the summer of 2016, while pregnant I was in a car wreck that along with a broken orbital bone, fractured sternum, and a hip out of place...I had lacerations on my face that needed over 120 stitches. Even the plastic surgeon was not sure what to tell me or give me to help with this. They handed me a steroid ointment and told me this would "help it heal faster". I had searched online for things that may work and that was how I was first introduced to R+F, via the AMP MD system results.  When I started ketogenic dieting my skin changed AGAIN. If it weren't for R+F and already knowing what I could use to combat this I would have gone insane!

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My Postpartum acne was starting to completely clear up about a month into using unblemish.  My scars were looking so much better using AMP MD. I knew I had made the right choice. 

Since enrolling with R+F my husbands skin does not have as many flare ups and looks a lot better. My daughter we use step 2 of soothe on her baby acne as well as any diaper rash that flares up. It has proven to us to be the BEST product for both of these things for our child. So Moms, if you have had trouble with your little ones with either of these, I urge you to try this! 

When I started Ketosis I noticed my skin acne was starting to slightly come back again. Plus a weird dryness.  I had wondered if it was due to the higher fat content of food. I knew I was drinking enough water so what was going on?!  I started back on my unblemish and was utilizing the Reverse regimen in the evenings. I added in the active hydration serum at bedtime for the dry skin patches. Since starting that combination, I went back to having 0 issues and going makeup free again!

If you would like more information on Rodan + Fields, the products or the business follow these links below.

I am always willing to have an open and honest conversation about what I do and what it has meant for my family! My business pays our bills and takes us on many family trips, all while I stay home with our daughter. While that is my unique story, what could yours be? Check out Why R+F or contact me and let's see if the products or business may be right for You too!

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Postpartum Acne Results with Unblemish

As I started playing with the products I realized just what my skin had been missing! And how much Money I had been wasting on products that did not work?!

- The Ketosis Mom

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