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Keto Diet while Pregnant

My Baby "Sprinkle" in April 2019

Let me FIRST begin by saying, no I am not a medical professional! I am not attempting to claim to be or claim to be an expert in any of the below, I am simply telling MY story of what happened during my (2nd) pregnancy. 

Let me first start by saying, in my first pregnancy I ate what I wanted AND was on bed rest due to a car accident which led to me gaining 60 lbs! Now, I had lost that 60 lbs before this pregnancy, and then had gained slightly right before getting pregnant this time (I was on a 2+ week vacation in Hawaii, I ate what I wanted to eat!)

True to form, my pregnancy began with ALL DAY LONG sickness, not just morning, nope, all day nausea, vomiting and fatigue. This lasted until about week 17 for me in my 2nd pregnancy (current pregnancy). So, I THOUGHT because I was getting sick everyday anyway, I may as well just eat what I am wanting... which was:

- Taco Bell

- Burgers

- Little debbie cakes

- Chinese, especially egg rolls!

- Chocolate - out the wazoo! 

Everything I had NOT been eating since starting a keto lifestyle. I gained, even getting sick daily, yup it happened. Let me also be the first to inform you that your body will also balloon up faster after an initial pregnancy. Your body recognizes the hormones and goes ahead and expands the uterus, early. Now, My FIRST OB was not familiar with Keto and simply stated "low carb is fine, but you need to increase protein" well, that is not really "keto" if you increase the protein. 

Keto = low carb, moderate protein, high FAT.

So, after my nausea phase was subsiding I decided to try this approach anyway per that OB. Let me also note for the reader, I have hypothyroidism and have been followed by an Endocrinologist my entire pregnancy. Two days a week I take 1.5 dosage, and the other days my regular levothyroxine dosage. I still gained, and gained and gained and by month 6, I was the same size that I was at the END of my last pregnancy. From start to 6 month weight I gained a total of 40 lbs (the MAX they wanted me to gain was 30). If you are not aware the LAST trimester is when you gain the most weight. So, here I am 6 months in, 3 months left and I have beyond maxed out. Why? Because I did not stick with what I KNEW worked for me and my body. KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE! So back to the grind I go!

After not passing the initial glucose tolerance test (by 1 point), I now have to take the 3 hr tolerance test (BOOOOOO). I also got sick drinking the first sugary nastiness and now I have to drink ANOTHER even HIGHER sugar content drink before my next test. I have questioned if my following Keto then swaying while traveling eating every yummy goodness had an effect on my glucose tolerance. Overall, I test at home using my keto mojo monitor (discount on this is on my discounts page)!. Home testing has been showing normal levels for glucose fasting, at 1 hr, and at 2 hr post eating, however, I do not eat THAT much sugar at any given meal. My body is not used to processing that amount of sugar, period, anymore.

( I will update my results from the test after I have it! HERE)

So, UPDATE! I DID in fact pass my first and 2nd glucose tests. I am beyond upset the Drs made me take the 3hr test after pulling these results and notes from my patient chart! Sigh. #ketoworks yall! 

I traveled to GA/AL from NY with my toddler for about 2.5 weeks. Visited family, ate good food, came home +12 lbs (sigh) and Now I am back to STRICT keto lifestyle. 

You would THINK I would have learned my lesson? Anytime I eat sugar, bread, pasta...CARBS, I gain water weight and balloon up like crazy. 

So! Tips!

- Have swelling while pregnant? Follow Strict Keto! and drink as much water as you can stand! Up to 1/2 your body weight

- Regardless of how you are feeling or what you are craving, do not do it. It is NOT worth it. My 2nd OB discussed what I was eating with me and said yes, 100% to following and STICKING to Keto. This is the only reason I am not having to go and see a nutritionist with my new OB office!

- Stock up on "keto snacks" that are also ok for pregnancy (i.e. you cannot have jerky and deli meats etc, but you can have - Choczero, cheese, make your own "goodies") Check out my easy recipes and go ahead and make as many goodies and snacks as you can and freeze them even! Having things ON HAND while pregnant, especially on the days you are just feeling AWFUL, is the KEY!

- Increase your veggie and fruit intake for a slightly higher "carb" content. What do I mean by this? Well when I was losing weight I was eating at a 20% deficit, and around 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% (net) carbs. Now, I am not eating at a deficit but have added about 400 calories to my original "deficit" and eating more in line with 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs (still net). If you need help figuring this out, just contact me!

-  Avoid BPC in the AMs and eat an actual MEAL for your macros. Eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. This will help keep any kind of cravings from sneaking in! 

- Do not drink soda, not even diet or "zeros". If you have anything have a Zevia (also on my discounts page). However, if you are truly drinking enough water, at 1/2 your body weight, then you should not have time or SPACE for anything but water. Ultima water flavoring is good as well and helps with "keto flu" symptoms if you get tired of plain water, or Hint water is a good option as always too. (See my blog post with recommended items!)

- make sure the prenatal vitamins you are taking are not high in carbs. I know this sounds funny, but the gummy ones  I was eating had 11 g of carbs!  I was having a hard time taking prenatal vitamins while I was nauseated everyday, the gummy kind where the only ones I could handle. 

- Walk, walk, and walk. I do not think you need to over do it at the gym or push yourself doing crazy cardio but if you do not get up and walk, you will regret it as your pregnancy progresses. 

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