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Keto French Toast

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Watch me Make these


Use my Keto bread recipe and have the bread in the fridge/ready

1/2 cup keto syrup - Wholesome Yum code: Ketosismom

Fresh berries

Nutiva coconut butter flavored oil

1 egg

1/8 cup heavy cream

1/8 cup sweetener of choice

Sprinkle of Cinnamon or Brown Sugar


1) Mix egg, heavy cream, sweetener, and spices in a bowl

2) Dip bread into the mix and soak both sides

3) Heat Nutiva butter flavored oil in the pan

4) Fry each piece of soaked bread until brown on each side (just a few minutes per side)

5) Remove from heat - sprinkle some confectioner sugar sub over the top with syrup and berries and ENJOY!

The Ketosis Mom

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