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Keto Egg Burrito Muffin 

(makes 2)

Click here for the YouTube how to
Each= 225 calories, 20.4 fat,2.4 carbs, 9.3 protein

1) Take 1 sausage patty and cut into small pieces, spray 2 muffin pan bottoms with coconut oil and place the sausage pieces evenly into the bottom of the muffin cup
2) cut up vidalia onion and bell pepper...a very small amount is all that is needed! Less than 1/10 of each..Divide both evenly as well into the muffin pan
3) top both cups with shredded cheddar cheese until it covers all the ingredients in the cup (total used is about 1/4 a cup)
4)Mix 1 serving MCT oil, 1 tbsp heavy cream, and 1 egg together and pour evenly into both cups ...do not overfill
5) Salt & Pepper or top with @flavorgodspices (i.e. chipotle)
6) Bake 20-22 mins on 350!

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