03 Oct

Keto on a Budget

The likely answer to "am I spending too much on groceries?", is YES.

First and foremost, let me say, when I first started keto I went overboard and bought everything that was on the "list" that was on my first challenge that I ever did with another Ketoer (I won't say who because they still do challenges haha). I had a $375 grocery bill buying food for the first 2 weeks of their challenge. IT WAS RIDICULOUS! Then after I started the challenge I quickly realized that I was repeating one of the days over and over because each dish made about 6 + servings?! Over half the food I bought was wasted and became trash (or still to this day sits in my pantry). 

SO, lesson learned! For the meal plans that I make for people I do 10 days at a time (and you receive 3 of those, for a total of 30 days of specialized meal plans). Each 10 days has a grocery list, and the next 10 days I try to also use items from the first 10 day grocery list (i.e. liquid aminos, sesame oil, chicken broth, etc.) There is NO reason anyone should be spending a TON of money to keep up with a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Below I am going to list out some of the "staples" that you can get and use throughout MULTIPLE meals and recipes. I will also provide a short "basics" list. These are items that should be consumed about every 10 days and not just sit in your pantry/fridge. If you're thinking about starting this lifestyle and need help, I urge you to grab a 30 day meal plan from my store. I truly try to keep in mind grocery budgets!


 (These can and will be used throughout MANY meals/baking/recipes)

These will cost you more, BUT they will prevail throughout so many recipes. I would suggest dividing these up between a few weeks of buying unless you want to just buy it all and get it over with.


(These should be your actual grocery shopping weekly/every 2 weeks)

Your overall budget should bot exceed approx $50 for 2 person meals for 10 days

Ground Beef (80/20)PorkFish/ShellfishSteakAvocados
Green Leafy veggiesBacon/SausageEggsSour CreamCheese assorted
Cauliflower (fresh or frozen)Broccoli (Fresh or Frozen)berries, tomatoesnutssauces (i.e. marinara for pizza)
Wings/tenders/etcheavy creamAll other veggies (i.e. onion/mushrooms)Baking chocolateRotisserie Chicken

Hopefully some of this has helped! If it hasn't ask me for some more help! My hopes are that if you are a Costco (or warehouse grocery shopper in general) shopper that you can buy a lot of these in bulk to save $$$.

I recently went through the grocery cost "budget" argument and realized, yea, we were spending WAY too much on groceries for no reason. Don't make the same mistakes I did! 

- The Ketosis Mom

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