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Keto Kit Kat

Makes 13 bars

YouTube How to Video

Nutrition is for wo coconut oil: 

Each piece: 89 calories, 1.8 NET carbs, 7.6 total carbs, 6.3 fat, 1.4 protein. 


1 package of sugar-free chocolate chips (I use these)

1 cutdacarb wrap 

2 tbsp heavy cream

optional: 2 tbsp coconut oil


1) Cut your wrap into thin straps. You Can use strips as is OR fry them quickly for extra crispness

2) Melt chocolate chips with 2 tbsp of heavy cream and mix well (you can also sub the heavy cream for coconut oil) 

3) Layer chocolate + strips into molds and freeze min of 1 hour before popping out of molds.

*Keep frozen until ready to enjoy each piece! 


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