Keto Italian Sub in a Mug

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Keto Italian Sub in a Mug

Makes 1 serving

(Need coffee mug to make)


.5 cups shredded mozarella cheese

8 salami pieces (I use hard salami from Aldi, precut)

8 banana pepper rings

spinach (about .5 cup)

1 tbsp Greek or Italian dressing

1/2 cutdacarb wrap

seasonings of choice (I used flavor God Italian zest)

olive oil


1) Lay 1/2 of the half of a cutdacarb wrap (so 1/4 of 1 full wrap) flat. Cover with shredded cheese, 4 salami pieces, 4 banana peppers and 1/2 the spinach 

2) Lay the other 1/2 (really 1/4 of a full wrap) over top of this and repeat he same layers

3) Spray olive oil in bottom of coffee mug. Place a sprinkle of mozerella cheese on bottom of mug. 

4) Roll the two layers together in a spiral a d place the entire roll into the mug.

5) top with more cheese and spices of choice. as well as 1 tbsp greek/Italian dressing

6) Microwave mug for 1 min 15 seconds

7) turn over mug on plate & ENJOY! 

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