Keto Coleslaw

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Keto Coleslaw

Makes approx 8 servings


- 1/2 head of fresh cabbage or 1 bag of mix

- 1 tsp celery seed

- 1/4 squeeze fresh lemon

- 1/2 cup mayo

- 1/4 cup sour cream

- 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 

- 1/3 cup swerve confectioners sugar sub

- 2 tbsp heavy cream

- 1 tbsp Sukrin gold (optional if you want it to be sweeter)

- 1 sprinkle flavorgod sea salt and garlic seasoning  (optional)

- 1 tbsp MCT oil (optional) use code: KETOSISMOM10 on sports research website and get more

Watch Video here for how to combine all ingredients


1) Finely chop cabbage head into shreds

2) add all other ingredients into bowl and mix

3) chill for min 1 hour before eating

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