19 Mar

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Parents! Before you toss all those Easter eggs or put them into storage. You may want to keep them out for Derby season. We make Egg Jockey's at my house and here is how you and your kids can make some too.

These egg jockeys are brought to your courtesy of my two daughters (age 7 and 4). This is a fun activity to let them decorate their own or even make them to look like their favorite Derby horse and jockey - matching their silks. If you would rather paint your own silks on the jockeys just make sure you have or buy the solid colored eggs and make sure you have some paint or paint pens handy (which most parents do).

Here is the full list of what you need: 

- Hot glue gun

- Color or printed easter eggs

- Solid color eggs (for the jockey hat and face)

- permanent marker (to draw on the face)

- googly eyes or edible eyes, whichever you may have on hand

- some type of peel and stick foam, we use letters and cut them to size 

- optional: small peel and stick boards, if you're making place cards for a table setting 

My girls love making these and could make them all day long. I usually set them out at the kiddy table and place a small chalkboard sticker down towards the bottom as a placeholder card for who gets that seat.  

Let the kids have fun with it! Or have a competition of who makes the Derby winning Jockey. 

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