11 May

My Search for a sports bra that Worked!

I recently started working out a lot harder than I was immediately after having my cesarean section with my 2nd child. I have ALWAYS had a difficult time finding sports bras that I felt like 1) held me in, 2) did not HURT to wear, and 3) allowed me to jump/run/bounce without making my chest hurt worse. I am a DD chest and also still breastfeeding so they are always large and in charge. 

I did what every female does in my situation/search for what to buy, I asked some of my friends.  What were they buying that had worked for them? I had a surprising response (both positive and negative) around SheFit bras (generic version here).  However, with the bad reviews I received I found a lot of my own common complaints being told to me about this $65+ bra. I had it in my Rakuten cart (because they were giving an additional 5% cash back at the time) but, I did not purchase it. I have a hard time buying something that expensive that I wear 30 mins to an hour and it gets disgustingly sweaty and has to be washed. I workout 5 times (or more) a week, so that means I would constantly be washing this bra, or I would need to spend even MORE money to have enough for daily workouts. Nope. Could not do it. 

However if you would like to try SheFit, I do suggest getting an Ebates/Rakuten account and getting minimum cash back on your purchase. I also linked a referral code from them above that they may/may not honor a discount based on when you are reading this blog. To be clear, I DID hear good feedback. The negative I heard was that it was too tight, dug into the sides, and the zipper front was uncomfortable. But, you cannot please everyone right? If the above referral link does not work, try this one for FREE SHIPPING at SHEFIT. 

(Update: I actually do own 2 SHEFIT bras now, I would not wear them all day, but they are great if you are running or doing anything HIIT, jumping rope etc.)

So, here is what I went with... because I am cheap, practical, and quite honestly just LOVE Amazon. If they did not fit I was going to send them back and Amazon has the best customer service and return process (IMO) hands down. This is part of why I became an Amazon associate with my own Storefront. I like to bring good finds and deals to my people!

So let me get more into what I purchased and why I ended up keeping them. I was looking for a high impact sports bra. If I do jumping jacks, jump rope, run, squat jumps etc. I do not want to be knocked out by a boob or feel like my chest is being beat to death in general. I have some sports bras that are really recommended for Yoga/pilates/biking (low and medium impact) activities but not jumping all around. Once upon a time, when I was into crossfit I had those bras, but that was also 2 children ago. I did find the Fit Solution tool listed on one of these items to be useful. I will also say whatever your band size is on regular bras, bump up by at least 1 for these high impact bras. I will list these in the order of preference below (all of which - plus more- can be found in my Amazon store under Workout Must Haves)

1) Glamorise Wirefree Adjustable double layer High Impact Sports Bra -  this comes in multiple color combinations I just happen to like bright colors and got the blue and green. There is extra padding on the shoulder straps and a breathable mesh on the outside later. It does have a good stretch to it BUT this is one that I would recommend getting the band size +1 from your typical everyday bra. Overall it was successful in the "jump test" and held everything in securely with no pain. I also like that the outside layer is adjustable. This means you can strap those girls up as tight or as loosely as you like and even change it each time you wear it. It does have a slightly "uniboob" feel so if you do not like this, #2 is your better bet. This is not a "cheap" sports bra. But it also was not $65+, prices on this bra do vary by size and style. 

2) Champion Women Spot Comfort full support, Sports bra - The only reason this is number 2 on my list and not number 1 is because they did not have as many colors in my size for options. The bra is as nice and as supportive as the first one. I love the mesh top on the bra. I love the bright pink color that I got. It also has additional padding on the straps. It has this photo on the stock photos for measuring and how to get the correct size. However, I again would suggest getting the band size +1 or more simply due to these bras being for full support and high impact, they are going to be tight. i have to clip mine in the front and then turn it around and pull it up bc I cannot reason behind me and pull these closed effectively. (May just be me!) Prices on this bra vary by size and style. 

3) FITTIN Racerback sports bra (pack of 4) - This is your typical sport's bra. They do have removal cups (which I am not a huge fan of but also know it is a plus for some people). The reason these made my list is solely based on the price and racerback design. This is more of a cycling/yoga/pilates bra in my opinion instead of the high impact that it states. They are however comfortable and I do not mind wearing them all day and not just during a workout. Today for instance I plan on doing a Peloton workout on my bike so I have it on all day today and I am comfortable. They are not great in a jump test, I still have quite a bit of movement. But, because they are comfortable, they are making my list. 

If anyone has a Sports bra they think is worth a review. Please feel free to Contact Me on instagram @ketosismom or utilize the Contact Me section of my blog. I am always open to provide honest reviews of items that I have tried myself. 

Hopefully this helps someone find something that works for them and saves them a little money. The goal is to keep moving daily!

-The Ketosis Mom


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