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Hiki Products!

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 - Jennifer @KetosisMom 

Let's BATTLE Sweat! Just kidding, with Hiki there is NO BATTLE!

THIS STUFF is a YEAR ROUND and DAILY must have. Put it ANYWHERE you sweat! I used their last stick all last year and it was my product of the year for 2022. THIS is their new all over body stick and I bet it will be my product of the year for 2023 as well... Taking this to FL with me for SURE!

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In 2022 I ranked THIS product as my Product of 2022. I used this anti chaffing stick at Disney a LOT and on the heels of myself and kids with new shoes. 

Their all over BODY WIPES are also hands down amazing! I took these to Florida with me as well so that I could wipe my whole body down from sweat. Even after showering I was still sweating trying to get ready to go to dinner. These stay in their packets in my purse at all times! 

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