Creator Wizard Training!

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Are you a #creator and unsure about brand contracts? how to ask for more compensation? and be confident in what you're doing? 

(p.s. do not ever sign a contract you do not fully understand! I have learned this the HARD WAY!) 

I am said #influencer.

I have been under charging and unsure this entire time.🥴

I have been learning from @creatorwizard for a few weeks now and JUST what I have gotten from his content so far as been MILES above what I found researching on my own.. or in groups of people just "guessing". And brands aren't going to explain things to you... unless you have a personal relationship with them. I do try to build my relationships with my brands! But even then sometimes the rep cannot even tell you the verbiage meaning. 

I first saw Justin on an #amazonlive video webinar with #amazoninfluencers and everything he said MADE SENSE to me. I got it! 

finding someone who can answer your questions, help you with brand deals, contracts, and feel like you're not just wading through the water is PRICELESS. 

I am enrolled in the #creatorwizard course (limit 30!) I am investing in my future returns to do this #fulltime. 

Who wants to learn with me and project yourself forward!? 

#opennow but #limited 

I will also place a link on and a clickable like in IG bio! 


🍻 👏 🥂 to my future success! and finding MORE DEALS and BRANDS for all of yall to benefit from!

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- Jennifer @KetosisMom