Want a generic meal plan just to see what types of foods to eat to get your Keto journey started?

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When I was interested in starting a Keto lifestyle I had 0 clue where to even start. This is the case of MOST people, and that's ok! Let me help you get started by providing a generic 10 day meal plan and personalized Macros for YOU! 

The generic plan has a set number of calories, that can be added to to meet your correct % and goals. It is complete with 10 full days of food as well as recipes for each meal. 

In order to calculate macros specific to you, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return via email. 

*Note: This meal plan requires additional correspondence to receive the full 10 days via email PDF document. Please provide the correct contact information at checkout. Failure to respond to required information to calculate macros within 7 calendar days will result in the forfeit of payment for personalized calculation and plan. All rights reserved by Trademark KetosisMom.net 2018. Due to the digital content nature of this sale, refunds will not be permitted after purchase.